Corporate social responsibility

CSR is part of our DNA

We believe companies have a responsibility beyond the sole objective of profit generation. Our belief in positive societal impact is pursued through our interactions with staff, suppliers and clients, as well as via our support for the wider community. We sponsor causes that reflect our own belief in a fairer society, the transformative power of education and medical research, and pledge a proportion of our profits towards charities that mirror these aims. For the current financial year, we have chosen to support Everest in the Alps, We See Hope and the Good Things Foundation.

We believe staff should be rewarded based on long-term results to create the right type of customer behaviour and this is reflected in our recruitment and renumeration policies, which we direct towards those with the right mindset to fulfil this cultural aim. We encourage socially responsible business practices and operate in an ethical manner, working towards having a more positive impact through a focus on sustainable growth.

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