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Trade Finance

Unlock new business opportunities and grow your business

During their growth cycle businesses can find themselves trapped not by a lack of orders, but by an inability to fund larger PO’s which can hamper their growth. This can leave business opportunities out of reach and see otherwise profitable sales fall into the hands of suppliers through a lack of funding. This is where trade finance can plug the payment gap.

Applicable to either domestic or import purchases. Trade finance galvanises your sales cycle enabling you to acquire any necessary stock that needs upfront payment without waiting weeks or months for your suppliers to pay.

Trade finance providers will look to your end customer as part of the eligibility criteria meaning success often comes easier than with traditional bank lending. We search the market for you, looking for providers who support your sector or specific business model. Getting you back faster to what you do best.

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Export Finance

Monetise your overseas sales ledger

Ease the pain of lengthy cashflow gaps

When goods are sold within the UK the payment terms can mean long delays to receipt of payment. Add in shipping times and customs delays when you export and conventional sales cashflow gaps often get further extended. This can place businesses under intense pressure and mean that otherwise profitable sales can become loss making.

Export financing can help businesses access working capital that would otherwise get paralysed for extended periods in the overseas sales cycle. There are complexities and risks to export finance around foreign regulation and customs that it is vital to assess and understand. But with the right customers this solution can be easy to implement and very effective in removing barriers to your business growth.

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Supply chain finance

Optimise cashflow and remove pressure from your supply chain

Supply chain finance creates a mutually favourable cash situation for both seller and buyer enabling both parties to benefit from access to immediate cash flow. The solution provider takes the hit to their working capital leaving supplier and customer free to optimize their funds elsewhere. By removing payment delays from supply chains enabling buyers to pay later and suppliers to receive cash up front, supply chain finance helps to strengthen trading relationships, removes barriers to growth and enables your supply chain to remain healthy.

Merchant cash advance

Swift and easy cash flow funding

Merchant cash advance offers a fast solution to easing cashflow bottlenecks. With traditional banks still reluctant to lend to many businesses this solution offers a quick and flexible alternative to bank loans.

It works by securing lending against your card terminal sales and works well for retail customers who lack other assets. Repayments are not fixed and there are no set time constraints. Repayment occurs at source directly from your sales which allows you the seasonal flexibility to pay in line with fluctuations in your revenue. Costs are fixed with a percentage of each sale fuelling repayment

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Revolving credit facilities

Your flexible working capital reserve when you need it

Revolving credit is a flexible alternative to a traditional overdraft and works on the basis that you have a pre-set credit limit and facility term and can pay back and borrow again without the bureaucracy of reapplying for credit. Revolving credit facilities can work well with seasonal cashflow challenges. Many business benefit from the rollover functionality allowing funds to be drawn down again once they have been paid back. Certain providers allow facilities across a number of currencies which can ease the complexity of funding cross border expenditure. Depending on your accountancy software these facilities can be very fast to set up and in some cases allow rapid access to capital.

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Invoice finance

Monetise your sales ledger and unlock your cash

Invoice finance is a way to access the cash from your business sales normally due once your payment terms have expired. It is a collective term that covers various sub-products that includes invoice factoring, invoice discounting and receivables finance.

Fast access to inaccessible cashflow is one advantage of invoice finance. Receiving funds within two days of invoice issuance as opposed to up to two months allows business to better manage their sales cycle and react more rapidly to new orders that arise. This type of finance can be more cost-effective than a loan or overdraft. Unlike these alternatives, it is not classed as an additional loan or debt instead it is a cash materialisation of an existing asset.

Invoice finance can be used across the whole of your ledger or on a selective basis depending on what fits you best.

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