Cash Management

The smart home for your excess balance sheet capital

Increase your interest rate returns and decrease your risk.

Five of the UK high street banks hold 82% of SME cash paying little or no interest. Meanwhile, there are over 150 banks in the UK offering deposit services. But through lack of awareness or perceived lack of choice business are losing out massively. Recent research has uncovered that the average SME has a savings balance of over £446,000. From a single account in your name, we keep you ahead of the game. Maximising the interest that you earn within your chosen the time frame and the access parameters that you need.

Change best to market leading and you’ll never need to open a savings account again.

Businesses are disincentivised from changing accounts because of the hassle and a lack of motivation. The average high street account pays just 0.20% yearly interest. Our best providers pay 1.1%for instant access that’s a difference of over 5 times. If you are prepared to place cash for the longer term rates can rise over 2%. From a one time sign up process into a hub account in your name we allow you to access 100s of savings accounts. You can increase or completely cover the proportion of your cash that is eligible for the FSCS protection scheme. Our technology monitors the latest rates and chooses banking partners with the best service record and functionality. We take care of the paperwork for you, cutting through the bureaucracy and giving you time to focus on what you do best.

Optimised returns
We use algorithms to ensure you always achieve the best returns for your cash based on the parameters that you set

Designed with security first
Clients take no counterparty risk with Fintuitive. Instead, accounts are held directly in your name with banks regulated by the FCA and PRA

Diversify risk
Get complete FSCS coverage or set the maximum exposure per bank counterparty to the levels you require. Visually rank accounts by yield and ratings

Wave bureaucracy goodbye
Open your last ever cash account. Bid a fond farewell to the administrative burden. Never have to follow up as term accounts expire.

Your account your way
Either directly via a relationship manager or online whatever you prefer

Complete reporting
Access your transaction history and interest income statement online using smart reporting

Get to market in no time
Fast thorough and secure onboarding typically within 24hrs and that’s the form filling legwork done

Multicurrency compatible
Available in GBP, USD and coming soon for EUR deposits.

Liquidity as you want it
Choose the time frames that you want from instant access to two years

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