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Class-leading service and results

Whether you are emigrating, dealing with a property transaction or have another reason to send money across seas, our friendly service and market leading rates make light work of your transfer.

You might be making regular overseas payments or dealing with a once in a lifetime event. Either way, our market experts will guide you through the process from opening your account to receipt of payment.

How it works:

Get your money converted and sent with our easy to use process:

  • Sign up for free here. We’ll open your account
  • Tell us which currency you want to convert and where to send it
  • Send us the money direct from your bank
  • We do the conversion send your funds and send you a copy of the transfer

Choose the way you deal

Whether you have fully bought into the Fintech revolution or prefer an old-fashioned phone call, we will work in a way that suits you, when it suits you. With our virtual account, you can collect or payout in local currency, download and sync your payment and receivables data 24/7 .

Beat the market, using orders to protect a rate or achieve a target rate

If you have a specific rate that you need to safeguard, or have a specific target rate in mind our market timing tools are designed to help.

With Limit orders you set a target price above the market, which we actively monitor for you around the clock, buying at that level once we can achieve it. Getting you the price you want without you being glued to the screen.

Stop orders work in a similar way, you place an order below the market to protect you in case the market dips. We monitor the market for you and buy if the rate falls to your agreed level. Offering you peace of mind and removing risk from your currency purchasing

Fast and secure settlement

No more tedious waiting for hourly batch payments. Our straight through processing means your money is checked, allocated and processed as soon as it hits your FX account.

All your funds are held in segregated accounts under FCA EMI rules.

Custody of client funds are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), strict governance and operational processes are in place offering peace of mind for every single transaction

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