Your own currency account

Collect your overseas salary or investment income and benefit from market leading rates

If you get paid overseas and want to avoid hefty charges, or just want your own account in another currency without all of the rigmarole that goes with opening a foreign account,  the virtual account solution is designed for you. Choose when you convert your income back to your home currency,  manage your outgoings and deal direct in over 150 currencies online at a time that suits you.

Mission control for your global money

We’ll give you your own multicurrency account with a unique IBAN in up to 30 different currencies. Allowing you to manage one or several overseas income streams effectively from your desktop or mobile device or over the phone if that’s what you prefer. Plus if you need these accounts to be registered outside the UK we can offer either European or US based solutions too.

The portal is speaks to you in your language so whether you are from Bondi, Bonn or Beaune we can adapt it to suit your needs.

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