What We Stand For

Fintuitive’s founders believe that sustainable success is based on strong values and sound corporate citizenship

We are passionate about improving our customers’ financial lives. That means holding to sustainable business practices, placing the client at the heart of what we do with a commitment to transparency and fairness. We forge relationships for the long-term – our clients are our lifeblood and we never forget that. We get results by boldly matching the best of technology with exceptional people.

Whilst we believe in the power of technology to change lives we are also realistic about it. Many people worry about security and their ability to use new tech effectively. Not many people would trust an app to blindly exchange their life savings, or to fix all of their export sales for a year. But at the same time who wants to do the tedious routine jobs a system can take care of in a heartbeat? It’s about balance and that’s where we come in. We can’t promise to transform you from a Luddite into a digital ninja but are there with guidance and a helping hand whenever you need us.

Don’t worry, we won’t just stick you on a platform and hope for the best. Instead, we are on hand to help, guide and support as and when you need it.

Computer says yes

We use regulatory, robo-advisory and algorithmic technologies to deliver these outcomes but these sit behind the human relationships with our clients which are our most valued asset.

Our leadership team has a four decade-strong record of managing global transactions and  complex regulatory technology implementation.

Our unique combination of human and technological expertise enables clients to transact efficiently and safely using our bank-beating capabilities, so you can work in the most cost-effective and instinctively logical way.

Breaking the mould

We stand for simplicity and fairness and hold ourselves to high ethical standards. We are philosophically distinct from the traditional operators in the markets we serve.

Neither a bank nor a broker, we venture beyond these models using technology to fulfil our aims. We look beyond the conventional to deliver the exceptional, combining artificial and human intelligence to create solutions that feel instinctively right and place the client’s interests first.

Who we serve

We work with individuals as well as organisations both large and small. We tailor our approach to each client’s objectives and experience, aware that each one has unique needs and goals.

In all cases we rely on our open, honest – and where necessary educative – approach to encourage long-term relationships based on mutual understanding. We always aim to  exceed client expectations.

For our business clients, we look at the complete financial picture across the supply chain and cash flow cycle. There are often synergies between these moving parts that are often overlooked by businesses focussed strictly on one product area. A greater depth of understanding informs how we can help underserved enterprises achieve their goals beyond the confines of traditional banking frameworks.

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